Grinch Week!


In my classroom, we do Grinch Week. That means we spend all week learning about the Grinch. I start the excitement with a morning message a drawing of the Grinch. (I was at an IEP meeting with this year's big reveal.) Then, we read the The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

On Monday, we also talk about characteristics that describe him and how his opinion changed throughout the story.


We retell the story to a partner and we use the strategy "Somebody Wanted But So". Somebody (the character) Wanted, But (the problem) (I would have written he learned that Christmas is about more than presents or he changed his mind about Christmas), so (the solution). It is a different strategy to retell the story. You can buy this worksheet in my Mr. Green Packet (click on picture at the end of this blog)


On Wednesday, we do our directed Drawing. See directions for my directed drawing below. One tip: I would draw the mouth first before drawing the line down from the nose. Otherwise it looks like a cat.


I also use the story of the Grinch

to do a social emotional lesson.

We talk about what makes

our heart grow

and how being kind

can make our hearts grow.

These pages are all available in my Mr. Mean Green Packet (See Below).


I play Rapid Pace game called Grinch! with my guided reading groups. It helps improve their reading skills and AIMSweb scores. I have a sight words, alphabet, CVC word and number game. Or you can include Roll a Mr. Mean Green into your centers. The students absolutely love it.

You can buy the Games and Grinch Packet by clicking on the pictures below

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